Friday, April 30, 2010

Wargaming Masterplan

 I will be playing WHFB 8th starting in October. I plan to do some tutorial (re-learn the rules for myself games) in September. I am not going to let WHFB eclipse 40K though until the fall at which point I'll put 40K on the back burner and focus on WHFB (that doesn't mean I won't keep weekly games of 40K going ... its just for gaming group campaign play, league play, and possible RTT play, etc. my focus will be on WHFB until the spring when I'll return to focus on 40K). At this point my plan is to finish both my Ogres and Undead over the course of the summer ... and perhaps starting in the fall try to finish up a Skaven army. My 40K plans for next year include Imperial Guard and Eldar (perhaps Dark Eldar  too if my old models are still usable). 2009 was the year of RPGs for me as has been the first part of this year ... I have no plans to curtail or cease my RPG plans and ambitions ... in fact I have alot I'd like to do on that front this year as well. I just feel like RPGs are going very well and there is alot of help in that area in terms of coming up with ideas for new things and providing interest and excitement. On the mini game front we are just in the starting stages ... hopefully by the fall we'll be in full swing with a large amount of activity and interest. At that point I can turn attention to historical gaming and board games ... and we will have a truly amazing gaming group/club going with a nice diversity of games for all of us to choose from!

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