Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ok people ... get yourself a blogspot account created (LINK HERE) and then become a follower of this blog. Once you guys do that I'll set you up as a contributor and bada bing ... we are in business.

I would like to use this blog as a place where the GMs running games can start threads, etc. and where we can talk about gaming at my house.

I don't want to replace the Wasatch Gamers Club site in terms of general stuff ... but as far as our inside jokes, linking things we were BSing about in the game, etc. etc. I think this might be a better place for us as a little group. Basically I would like to use this in place of the Southwest Gamers page which is now pretty much defunct. At some point this year I'll probably bite the bullet and get a fancy word press thing going with a full fledged forums, etc. but for now I think this little blog will do nicely. Again this isn't to replace the WGC page, but its a more private place where we can easily link things and talk about the games we are playing at my house without having to worry about offending someone we don't know ... or having strangers jump in on threads they don't have any business with, etc.

Also yes I know that this is ultra simplistic ... its supposed to be ... this blog isn't about showing off how bad ass at the internetz I am (I wouldn't be using blogspot if I had anything beyond a childlike understanding of tech now would I) ... its simply a place for us to cavort in the hilarity of the games we are playing. There is something excessive about that ... therefore the terribly excessively tacky image (which will undoubtedly be changed periodically). 

Anyway who will be the first to become a follower ... the RACE IS ON!