Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DARK HERESY and beyond ...

My goal with this game is threefold ... one I love the Warhammer 40,000 Universe and any excuse to play any games relating to it ... well I'm on board lets just put it that way. Second I see this as a place where there is potential to satisfy both a deeper roleplaying desire on my part but also still experience cool combats and rockingly good fun. Third this is actually a well done game system and I have wanted to just get into it and run some games with it and be both a player and a GM. My hope is others in our group will enjoy the game so much that they might eventually try their hand at GMing it too!
First I see two specific sub groups that will likely form ... based on those who have expressed interest initially.


Faction two -- Team Bravo -- AKA the "The Lord High Inquisitor has authorized exterminatus extremis  upon your world governor ... in the case that we find evidence of systemic corruption and heresy beyond which we can cleanse with conventional methods. I suggest you cooperate to the full capacity of your authority and ability ... you will remain upon this world ... under the protection of the Inquisition until this investigation is complete. It would be unfortunate to see you burn along with your planet." 

Faction one will probably want gritty combat and epic battles over deep roleplaying and thought provoking investigation. Faction two will likely value the depth of roleplay and investigative intrigue that the Dark Heresy system allows for.

I think that the beauty of doing a game in this setting is that both groups could possible get alot out of this game. If we get enough interest later on I'd even be willing to break the group into two factions and run two sessions of the game, etc. but first things first ... lets get this game rolling and see how we all like it, etc. before I get two far down the "that would be epic" road ...

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